BANGKOK Q2 2013: Property prices and the public transport network


Bangkok condo & apartment survey covers the rental and buying property market in Bangkok metropolitan area. propertydata.asia is using thousands of public property listings to generate market overviews and benchmark property prices for apartments and condos in each market segment.


The most expensive condos are located around Si Lom MRT station: 213’000 THB/m2
Highest average rent in BKK is 595 THB/m2 month around Siam station, a rent for a high end segment apartment can be found in Thong Lo for 875 THB/m2 month.



The public transport network (BTS, MRT) is for Bangkok one of the most relevant drivers for the property market, especially for new housing projects.
In this survey you can discover the selling price range for condos as well as the rental price range for each individual BTS and MRT station.


  • BTS sukumvit line
  • BTS silom line
  • MRT blue line


Influence of an BTS/ MRT station on the property value

apartment rentbenchmarks in relation to the public transport networks

The rental price difference between apartments in reach of an BTS Station to a similar one without a station in walking distance (500m) is around 40%. A MRT station has a smaller effect on the rent compared to an BTS station.

condo buy: benchmarks in relation to the public transport networks

The price difference between condos in reach of an BTS Station to a similar one without a station in walking distance (500m) is up to 50%. A MRT station has a slightly smaller effect on the price compared to an BTS station.


BTS sukumvit line

apartment rent

The allocation of the rental prices on the sukumvit line results in a M-shaped double tip. The highest rents are asked around Siam (CEN) and Chitlom (E1) as well as between Phrom Pong (E5), Thong Lo (E6), and Ekkamai (E7). The prices decreases on each end of the sukumvit line with a low at Bang Na (E14)

condo buy

The M-shaped double tip allocation is even more significant when we compare the selling prices for condo. High prices can be found between Phaya Thai (N2) and Phloen Chit (E2). A second Tip is located around Phrom Pong (E5) and Thong Lo (E6) stations.


BTS silom line

apartment rent

The rental prices have a linear decrease from the highest rents around Siam (CEN) towards Thonburi. Surprisingly we can see a slightly higher rental price range around the new stations Wutthakat BTS (S11) and Bang Wa (S12). Probably caused by new housing developments in this area.

condo buy

The selling prices follow the same schema like the rental prices. High prices around Siam (CEN) until Sala Daeng (S2) and Chong Nonsi (S3). The high end segment is strongly represented around Ratchadamri (S1) and Sala Daeng (S2) stations.

MRT blue line

apartment rent

The MRT line shows two different price sides, lower rental prices from Bang Sue (18 BAN) to Phra Ram 9 (9 RAM) and a significant higher rental price level from Phetchaburi (8 PET) to Sam Yan (2 SAM).

condo buy

The selling price allocation is along the MRT blue line more heterogeneous. There are several stations with higher selling prices, like Si Lom (3 SIL), Lumphini (4 LUM), Phetchaburi (8 PET), Ratchadaphisek (13 RAT), and Bang Sue (18 BAN).

The data collection sources on public available property listings (asking prices). The calculated prices and benchmarks are based on an evaluation of asking prices. Transaction prices may differ from asking prices, especially in not very liquid markets.
propertydata.asia is using thousands of public property listings to generate analyses and market overviews of the monitored property market. Overall Bangkok more than 30’000 properties (apartment and condos) are in the database for the second quarter 2013.
The data is segmented geographically as well in accordance with the property segment and therefore supports the project developer, real estate agent, and homeowner with a precise market overview.


Download this survey and find some more detailed data for every relevant station as pdf file.


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Date: August 03, 2013