BANGKOK’s cheap apartments

report_bkk_2014_q2_cheap Based on the a database with over 53’000 individual units, propertydata.asia focused in this property market survey on the cheap segment of Bangkok’s propertymarket.

Where are the cheapest condos in Bangkok available and where can you find the best value for money? 


Where are the cheapest condos in Bangkok available?

Like in every metropolitan area they can be found in Bangkok also on the outskirts. The cheapest districts for apartments and condos are concentrated in the north, east and west of Bangkok. All of them have a approximate distance of 20-35km to the city centre (Siam/ CBD).

North East West
Don Mueang (36) Prawet (32) Bang Khae (40)
Lak Si (41) Saphan Sung (44)

Compared to the 469 THB monthly sqm rent for the median apartment in Bangkok and 95’000 THB selling price per sqm, the cheap apartments in these areas are 60-80% less expensive. Bang Khae and Lak Si are the local property markets (>100 available units) with the lowest rents and selling prices.

District Selling sqm price Monthly rent pre sqm
(40) Bang Khae 26’000 44’000 82 120
(41) Lak Si 22’000 46’000 90 133
(44) Saphan Sung 20’000 26’000 100 180
(36) Don Mueang 17’000 21’000 103 125
(32) Prawet 19’000 25’000 100 203


Where are the cheapest condos in Bangkok in walking distance to a public mass transport system (BTS, MRT) available?


The answer is as expected easy but not entirely correct. The cheapest condos and apartments can indeed be found at the last stations of the three BTS arms, Sukhumvit line  north & east, and Silom line south.

Sukhumvit line  (nord) Sukhumvit line (east) Silom line (south)
Victory Monument BTS (N3) Bang Na BTS (E13) Talat Phlu BTS (S10)
Mo Chit BTS (N8) Bearing BTS (E14) Wutthakat BTS (S11)
Bang Wa BTS (S12)

The apartments around Bang Na (E13) and Bearing station (E14) offer the cheapest selling and renting prices and these stations are a 28min ride from Siam central station away.

Apartments located close to the newest BTS extension on Bangkok Thonburi side, Talat Phlu (S10), Wutthakat (S11), Bang Wa (S12),  are with a trip time of about 23 min only a little bit closer to Siam station, but the prices are already significant higher.

Well connected and still affordable rents /prices are found around Mo Chit Station (N8), with a connection to the MRT (subway) and only 14min distance to Siam central station.

A not expected phenomena are the condos and apartments close to Victory Monument station (N3), quite central located (only a 6 min. ride to Siam) and still surprisingly low rents and selling prices.


Station Selling sqm price Monthly rent pre sqm
Bang Na BTS (E13) 38’000 44’000 177 233
Bearing BTS (E14) 38’000 44’000 177 233
Victory Monument BTS (N3) 46’000 87’000 207 293
Mo Chit BTS (N8) 68’000 80’000 180 283
Talat Phlu BTS (S10) 57’000 64’000 250 286
Wutthakat BTS (S11) 63’000 68’000 239 273
Bang Wa BTS (S12) 63’000 68’000 239 273

For how little you can buy or rent a cheap 30 sqm studio apartment in Bangkok?


To compare the areas, we calculated the average price of a typical 30 sqm studio apartment of the cheap segment in each location. The monthly rents starts at only 3’000 THB and you can purchase a condo for less than 700’000 THB.

District Selling price Monthly rent
(40) Bang Khae 1’050’000 3’050
(41) Lak Si 1’020’000 3’400
(44) Saphan Sung 690’000 4’200
(36) Don Mueang 570’000 3’400
(32) Prawet 660’000 4’600

The monthly rents for apartments in walking distance to a BTS station starts at 6’000 THB and purchase prices for a studio start at 1.2 THB.

District Selling price Monthly rent
Bang Na BTS (E13) 1’230’000 6’150
Bearing BTS (E14) 1’230’000 6’150
Victory Monument BTS (N3) 2’000’000 7’500
Mo Chit BTS (N8) 2’220’000 7’000
Talat Phlu BTS (S10) 1’820’000 8’050
Wutthakat BTS (S11) 1’970000 7’700
Bang Wa BTS (S12) 1’970’000 7’700

Best value for money!


A insider tip is for sure the very affordable rents and prices around the very central located BTS Station Victory Monument. A cheap studio apartment is available for 2 mio THB or 7’500 THB per month.


database The data collection sources on public available property listings (asking prices). The calculated prices and benchmarks are based on an evaluation of asking prices. Transaction prices may differ from asking prices, especially in not very liquid markets. propertydata.asia is using thousands of public property listings to generate analyses and market overviews of the monitored property market. Overall Bangkok about 53’000 properties (apartment and condos) are in the database for the 2th. quarter 2014. The data is segmented geographically as well in accordance with the property segment and therefore supports the project developer, real estate agent, and homeowner with a precise market overview.

report_extended-150 Download  more detailed surveys and data for every relevant district or BTS/ MRT station as pdf file.

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Date: September 06, 2014