BALI Q1 2013 property market report


Average property price for a villa in Bali is 1’600 us$/ building m2, and for the expensive segment 2’000-3’000 us$/  m2
One bedroom costs in average 150’000 us$ and land sizes goes from 200m2 up to 2’000m2 






Property market

The villa real estate market in Bali is highly diversified and depending on the macro- and micro-location the size as well as the prices can widely divergent. The monitored building typology “villa” is generating an increase of statistical outliers because of very individual villas styles and budgets.
Nevertheless interesting conclusions can be made due to this market survey to the needs in the property market and is helping therfore to adjust future projects to the market needs.

Property prices

Due to the average property prices Pecatu is clearly in the first place, North Bali is the most favorable. However, more conclusive are the prices per m2 building size and these values are available in each local area reports.
In general you can seen that the property prices of the the expensive segment (70% – 90% percentile) are very broad spanned, which is related to the very specific needs and locations in this segment.

Building sizes

The range of the Villa sizes is between 100m2 and 600m2 very widely dispersed with slightly different weightings by region. Large Villas with more than 1’000 m2 are mostly located in Pecatu und Central Bali.

Amount of bedrooms

The majority of of the offered villas are in the bandwith of 2-4 bedrooms. Ubud in the offer is a bit wider, wherein a remarkable share of 11% comes only with one bedroom. At the other end of the spectrum Kuta / Legian, Seminyak, and especially North Bali offer a significant share of villas with more than 9 in bedrooms.



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Date: June 01, 2013