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Propertydata asia is monitoring emerging property markets in south east Asia and provides for each regional market and their local submarkets (city districts) a quarterly propertydata report. The data is segmented geographically as well in accordance with the property segments and therefore supports the project developer, real estate agent, and homeowner with a precise market overview.

All values and benchmarks are grouped (disaggregated) into individual segments between five percentiles (10%, 30%, 50%, 70%,90%) and therefore makes it possible to analyze different property price categories.

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propertydata asia reports are available in three different packages sizes. "compact" with the most important key indicators, "extended" with a profounder insight into a local property market or as "entire region" the complete regional set of all local reports.

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propertydata asia report

The propertydata report contains among others the following indicators and charts:
  • property market overview
  • property indicators comparison between areas
  • benchmarks of key indicators
  • timechart properties prices (future module)
  • calculated quantiles of each values and benchmarks

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